The Civil War Almanac

The Civil War Almanac, John S. Bowman.

John S. Bowman’s Civil War Almanac covers the political, social, economic, und military events of every day of the war, from January 1861 to May 1865. The Almanac includes many black-and-white photos und illustrations of the war, as well as 16 colour-pages featuring uniforms, battle scenes, und maps.


  • Titel: The Civil War Almanac
  • Epoche: Amerikanischer Bürgerkrieg, 1861–1865
  • Typ: Jahrbuch
  • Autor: John S. Bowman
  • Format: 400-seitiges Taschenbuch
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Verlag: Pharos Books, New York
  • ISBN: 0-886-87401-7
  • Publiziert: 1983


  1. Introduction
  2. Chronology
  3. The Approach to War
  4. The War Years
  5. April 1861
  6. January 1862
  7. January 1863
  8. January 1864
  9. January 1865
  10. The Aftermath
  11. Weapons of the Civil War
  12. Naval Warfare in the Civil War
  13. Biographies
  14. Index & Credits

The Civil War Almanac provides military historians, wargamers, und miniature collectors with an enormous amount of background information, facts und Figuren of important events, as well as the less well-known episodes of the American Civil War, which may become the basis of a wargame, role-playing scenario, or diorama.

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