Britische Fallschirmjäger, 1942–1945

Testbericht der 1:300 Figuren von Heroics & Ros

Britische Fallschirmjäger, 1:300 Figuren Heroics & Ros BR3.

Heroics & Ros 1:300 scale British Paratroops are sold in bags of 50 Figuren containing a mix of paratroopers armed with rifles, Sten SMGs, Bren LMGs, PIAT anti-tank projectors, 3″ mortars, und radios. There are enough Figuren in the bag to recruit a paratroop platoon und a few elements of the HQ Company. The Jeep, Universal Carrier, und Tetrach Light Tank shown here are not included in the figure set, but they will be needed to recreate miniature Paratroop formations for wargames.


50 Figuren in 8 Posen – 5,5 mm entsprechen 165 cm Körpergröße

  • Britischer Para mit Maschinenpistole Sten
  • Britischer Para mit Gewehr SMLE
  • Britischer Para mit Funkgerät
  • Britischer Para mit Bren lMG, liegend, schießend
  • Britischer Para mit PIAT, liegend, schießend
  • Britischer Para mit MP Sten, liegend
  • Britischer Para mit 3″ Mörser
  • Britischer Para mit 3″ Mörsergranate


Heroics & Ros Figuren are only 5,5 mm tall und surprisingly detailed, wearing the Smock, Denison, Airborne Troops over Battledress, with 1937 Pattern Web Equipment and Helmet Steel Airborne Troops (HSAT). Personal weapons can be identified und the troops paint up well, despite their small size.

Many wargamers use 1:300 scale miniatures to play large battles on relatively small tables. Others maintain the recommended base sizes of their favourite rules system, but mount more Figuren on them to arrive at a 1:1 figure scale.

Using Micro Armour und infantry, every wargame stand can be a realistic miniature diorama. Stands may have printed labels on them to identify the infantry section, support weapon, or command element. Micro Armour miniature battles may even be played on Squad Leader map boards with large hexes.

Kompatibel mit GHQ Micro Armour.

Heroics & Ros 1:300 scale British Paratroops are small enough to play the Arnhem campaign on a ping-pong table.

Britische Fallschirmjäger, 1942–1945