Samokhodnaya Ustanovka SU-152 (Zveraboy)

Testbericht des 1:76 Modells von Red Star Models

Sowjetrussisches Sturmgeschütz SU-152.

This model of the SU-152 displays the white recognition stripe of the forces taking part in the final assault on Berlin, although it is not know if any of the surviving SU-152 were actually deployed there.


  • SU-152 Assault Gun


Easy to assemble, only 4 parts.

The detail around the gun mantlet was somewhat undefined, and one of the fenders was cast too thin. Top plate of the gun mounting superstructure was warped in one area.

The tracks seem to be copies of the KVI model by Fujimi. Ostmodels makes a more accurate track for their kit of the SU-152.

Nass-Abziehbilder und instructions were not included.

Best suited for wargamers. Modellors looking for accurate display items will have to do some work, wargamers will find these models easy to assemble und sturdy additions to their armies.

Patrick Storto

Sowjetisches Sturmgeschütz SU-152