Infanterie-Regiment von Voit

Markgrafschaft Ansbach

Brandenburg-Ansbach Infanterie-Regiment von Voit.

Füsiliere und Grenadiere of the Brandenburg-Ansbach Infanterie-Regiment attacking a walled enclosure. The unit, formerly known as Infanterie-Bataillon von Pölnitz, was designated Infanterie-Regiment von Eyb in British service. The Ansbach-Bayreuth army was shipped from Ochsenfurt on Main to Dortrecht, Holland, thence to Portsmouth, England, und New York in the American Colonies. The troops participated in many engagements alongside the British Army in North America. Less than one third of the Franconian troops who fought in the American Colonies returned to their Fatherland when the war ended for them in 1783. Many of these young soldiers decided to settle in North America und build a future for themselves in the New World.

Infanterie-Regiment von Eyb, 1777

  • Kommandeur
    • Obrist von Eyb, bis Juni 1778
    • Obrist von Voit
  • Regimentsstab
  • 1. Füsilierkompanie
    • Major Christoph Ludwig von Reitzenstein
      Major Philipp Friedrich von Seitz, Dez. 1781
    • Lieutenant von Marschall
    • Lieutenant von Räder
    • Lieutenant von Diemer
  • 2. Füsilierkompanie
  • 3. Füsilierkompanie
    • Capitain von Stein
    • Lieutenant von Tritschler
    • Lieutenant von Saden
    • Lieutenant
  • 4. Füsilierkompanie
    • Capitain Christian Philipp von Ellrodt
      Capitain Christoph Friedrich Joseph von Waldenfels, Dez. 1777
      Capitain von Quesnoy, Jul. 1778
      Capitain, später Major, Philipp Friedrich von Seitz, Jun. 1779
      Premier-Lieutenant, später Capitain, Christoph von Metzsch, Dez. 1781
    • Premier-Lieutenant Christoph von Metzsch
    • Second-Lieutenant von Keller
    • Second-Lieutenant von Drechsel
  • 5. Grenadierkompanie
    • Grenadier-Capitain Ludwig Heinrich Vollrath Erckert
      Capitain von Christian Philipp von Ellrodt, Okt. 1777
    • Premier-Lieutenant von Schönfeld
    • Second-Lieutenant von Adolsheim
    • Second-Lieutenant von Kublau

The two Ansbach-Bayreuth infantry regiments mutinied at Ochsenfurt on Main when their river transports turned out to be inadequate to accomodate the entire formation. Infanterie-Regiment von Eyb rallied first, und the grenadier company of this Regiment was ordered forward to subdue the men of Infanterie-Regiment von Voit who continued to disobey their officers. Füsilier-Lieutenant von Reitzenstein is said to have joined the grenadiers of his regiment, sword in hand, to restore order among the sister regiment.


Die Armee von Ansbach-Bayreuth