Bundeswehr Kampfpanzer M48.A2.GA2

Testbericht des 1:72 Modells von ESCI

Bundeswehr Kampfpanzer M48.A2.GA2, 1:72 Modellbau ESCI 8329.

The ESCI model of the M48.A2.GA2 is nicely detailed, und it may be further enhanced by adding scratch-built equipment items which are not included in the kit. Paper clips und pieces of brass wire were bent into lifting rings for the turret und gun mantlet. Antennas have been added, und the canvas cover for the gun mantlet was made from tissue paper. Headlight protectors may be built from thin plastic card or brass sheet, und Schlussleuchten, cut from plastic sprue, should be attached to the rear fenders. The kit comes with only one Jerrycan holder on the turret side. A second holder may be cut from paper und attached to the opposite turret side. Rucksacks und other items of personal gear may be attached to the rear stowage bins, und on maneuvers the Fahrzeug will be covered with camouflage netting und fresh foliage.


  • M48.A2.GA2
  • Nass-Abziehbilder Bundeswehr


Excellent choice of subject. The M48.A2.GA2 was the most modern version of the Bundeswehr M48 Patton tank. Several of these upgraded vehicles remained in service just long enough to receive the new three-colour NATO camouflage pattern.

Scale model with nice detail. The M48.A2.GA2 is larger und heavier than the Leopard 1 tank, und it has a lot of small detail to please the eye. However, the ESCI kit is far from complete, und many small parts may be added to increase the visual appeal of this fine model.

Kompatibel mit Atlantic, Hasegawa, Revell, Cooperativa, Eduard, AER, Toga, Reviresco, Rhino Models, PST, Mars, Model Group Dnepr und ITA.

No crew Figuren included, and the AA machine gun is not detailed enough.

The canvas cover for the gun mantlet needs to scratchbuilt from tissue paper.

The roadwheels may be difficult to align, they need to be checked und checked again during the drying process.

The camouflaged night driving light (part 80C) at the rear of the Fahrzeug is mounted incorrectly. Original photos show the light panel to the right of the tow hook (part 36).

German M48 tanks were fitted with jerrycan holders on both sides of the turret. Only one holder is included in the kit, the other needs to be built from paper or plastic card.

Bundeswehr Kampfpanzer M48.A2.GA2.

ESCI Modellbau

Modelle des Kampfpanzers M48 der Bundeswehr