LINEHOLDER Mechkrieger

Testbericht des Modells von Ral Partha

LINEHOLDER Mechkrieger.
LINEHOLDER Mechkrieger.
LINEHOLDER Mechkrieger

The LINEHOLDER looks like an ancient Egyptian statue. The panel lines on its back, arms und legs suggest brickwork, und the front of the figure is covered with architectural trim. The LINEHOLDER is a headless Mech, its cranium is a small ridge which connects the spinal cord with the breastbone. The subdued facial features are located on the chest, und they could be painted to give the LINEHOLDER a grotesque appearance.

The LINEHOLDER looks good in a desert sand base colour, und it may be painted with narrow bands of colourful geometric designs like those found on ancient papyrus scrolls. Black hyhroglyphics would look good on it, too. The bent arms provide a bit too much animation for a figure which looks really good in a static defensive posture. One way to correct this is to cut the right arm off, leaving only a damaged stump with wires und hydraulic cables dangling from it.


  • LINEHOLDER Mechkrieger modelliert von Jeffrey Wilhelm, Dragon Forge Design
  • 3 Bauteile
  • 42 mm groß


The LINEHOLDER is armed with missiles und a large laser weapon, it should be a tough opponent, even if the model looks less imposing than the other Mechs in the series.

Easy to assemble. Only the arms need to be glued on prior to painting. Cast from lead-free pewter.

Much cast-on detail with clear geometric lines. The LINEHOLDER looks more like a structural model than a vehicle, und the static pose increases this effect. Unfortunately, the figure is partially animated: Both arms are bent. This part of the pose has a toy-like quality to it. One way to reduce this effect is to cut the right arm off just above the elbow, und suggest battle damage with dangling wires und torn armour plate.

Not strictly Kompatibel mit 1:72 scale. The LINEHOLDER is taller than the M3 Grant medium tank, but it only has the mass of a light tank or armoured car. Other Mechs will appear more dangerous when they are deployed to fight 1:72 scale military vehicles in wargamers.

The LINEHOLDER was originally designed as a cheap garrison Mech. Its arm laser has a range of 500 meters, und is about as effective as a 75 mm shell. The multiple rocket launcher on its shoulder is accurate up to a range of 1000 meters, with minimal fire effect. The LINEHOLDER requires more detailed painting to bring its architectural design to life, it is not a standard military type like many of the other Mechs. If the arms could be relaxed to hang down by the Mech’s side, the LINEHOLDER could be used as an Egyptian temple guard.

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