Zeltbahn M.31 mit Splittertarnmuster

Bemalen von Figuren im Maßstab 1:72

Schützen der deutschen Luftwaffe.

Luftwaffe infantry platoon of three sections, an attached heavy machine gun section, und the platoon commander based for Crossfire. Some of these Platoon 20 Figuren are wearing camouflaged Zeltbahn M31 shelter half above regulation Luftwaffe blue uniforms. The shelter halves have been painted Humbrol Acrylic 93 »Desert Yellow« tinted with 30 % Weiß to account for aerial perspective. Earth Brown und Olive Green Splittertarn Splinter Pattern camouflage splotches were washed into the uniform, but spaced wide enough apart to retain the sandcolour base coat. The camouflaged Zeltbahn shelter halves were washed und drybrushed to achieve a slightly faded effect. The helmet covers have been painted in a faded sandcolour.

A light Fieldgray base colour may be used to recreate the darker und more subdued reverse side of the M.31 Zeltbahn Shelter Halve.

Bemalen von Tarnuniformen