VOID 1.1 – Battles with Miniatures

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VOID 1.1 – Battles with Miniatures.

VOID is a fast paced science fiction skirmish game, using 28 mm metal Figuren to represent futuristic armies, which players use to fight battles on a tabletop. The VOID rulebook contains all the rules of play, an armoury section and army lists for the four human armies: Viridians, Junkers, Syntha and VASA, as well as the mysterious alien race, the Koralon. A miniature line covering all five armies supports VOID. The models are manufactured in lead-free white metal and polyester resin. The range includes basic troops for the armies, support figures and characters, and larger kits such as the Tiger APC, a huge four-legged walking vehicle. The mounted legionnaires shown here are armed with armour-piercing thermite lances.

The game uses a unit-by-unit activation system that encourages the use of supporting troops, and prevents the battle from becoming mired in hour-long turns. The game mechanics are clear and concise, allowing the players to fight games ranging from very small skirmishes with only a few troops, to massive battles using hundreds of miniatures. Simple enough for beginners, the game system also has subtle depths that will provide a satisfying challenge for the experienced player.

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64 Pages by John Robertson, John Grant & Ricardo Pinto; published by i-KORE Limited

  • 8 Colour Illustrations
  • 14 Black/White Illustrations
  • 62 Colour and 2 B/W Photos
  • 14 Pages of Background Information
  • 15 Pages of Rules, incl. 7 Tables
  • 4 Gunnery and Ordonance Templates
  • 23 Pages of Army Lists
  • 2 Pages of Unit Rosters


The game was available as a book priced only 9.95 USD, and as a free download from the internet. In 2004, I-KORE Ltd. was bought by Urban Mammoth who continued to offer the free download of VOID 1.1 until their website disappeared in July 2011.

VOID uses an alternate unit activation system, which makes the action fast and deadly.

The activation system makes it possible to easily fight battles between three or more player at once.

VOID uses a flexible battle system which allows skirmishes with as few as 10 or 15 models per side, as well as larger games with vast armies.

The squad based game system keeps the action flowing quickly and smoothly, and encourages the use of supporting troops.

New rules and troop types are published in the bi-monthly publication Battles with Miniatures, which is also available to buy or free online at www.i-kore.com.

The VOID miniatures range may be nicely Kompatibel mit existing 28 mm science fiction Figuren from other manufacturers. Some troop types look like they differ only in the cut of their uniforms.

Fantasy and science fiction game systems tend to be more difficult to learn and master, because players are unable to evaluate the game action against historic events they have read about or seen in a movie. There is no way to verify the actual capabilities of thermite lances, bolters and other sci-fi weapons typically used in such games. If the game designer fails to balance the weapons and troop types properly, the game will not play very well. In such an event, historic gamers would simply switch the rules or establish their own house rules to fix the bug.

The proprietary troop types and trademarked designations used in many fantasy and science fiction game systems are specifically designed to prevent compatibility among competing miniatures ranges. Accordingly, VOID does not include any rules which would readily allow a player to incorporate existing Figuren and vehicles from other game systems into the VOID world. Historic simulation gamers are more fortunate in that the troop type designations they encounter are used consistently in the industry, and models are priced competitively.

When Worlds collide

The VOID game system can be made Kompatibel mit figures, weapon systems and vehicles available from other manufacturers. One interesting scenario would be to pit an invading VOID army against 40K defenders. Pick the game system you prefer, and classify the alien troop types accordingly.

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