Britisches Tarnmuster DPM 1975

1:72 Scale Painting Techniques

1975 British DPM Para Smocks

Matchbox NATO Fallschirmjäger wearing P75 DPM Para Smocks und matching trousers. The picture indicates why camo patterns should not be painted under artificial light, or without reference fotos of the actual pattern. This colour scheme looks right in the basement war room, where the Figuren were painted, but it is all wrong when viewed in sunlight. The Dark Green base colour turned out Apple Green, und the Dark Brown camouflage splotches are barely noticable, because too much white has been added to highlight them. The overall effect is too greenish und not mottled enough to accurately represent the British DPM pattern in miniature.

Another mistake is that the Figuren have the whites of their eyes painted in, which would not be visible when viewed at the proper scale distance. As a result, these Paratroopers display an unrealistic 1000 yard stare. Facial details und eye sockets of 1:72 scale Figuren are best accentuated by washing the face with diluted Burnt Umber Acrylic. The British SLR Assault Rifles are painted incorrectly as well, they should be dark gray, not black, to account for the aerial perspective.

Bemalen von Tarnuniformen