Combat Uniforms of the Civil War

By Mark Lloyd, Illustrated by Michael Codd

Combat Uniforms of the American Civil War, Mark Lloyd, Michael Codd.

This outstandingly illustrated book explores not only the major conflicts, and smaller skirmishes, often won or lost by the actions of individual units, but also the full range of uniforms worn by both sides of the Civil War.

Many people think of huge anonymous ranks of gray-coated Confederates and blue-clad Unionist hurling themselves suicidally at each other’s pre-arranged defensive positions in huge set piece battles. This is, however, only a small part of the truth. Major battles such as Gettysburg did take place, but most battles were little more than short, sharp skirmishes fought between limited contingents over a short period. They were, however, as often as not bloody, heroic, and crucial for all that.

Similarly uniforms, particularly in the early stages of the war, were not as drab as popularly imagined. Both sides relied upon local loyalties to entice men to the Colors and in many instances local governors armed, equipped and kitted out whole regiments of militia from their own pockets. It is not surprising therefore that such units were not only highly subjective in their loyalties but highly individualistic in their dress. Early battles might well have taken place in Europe half a century or more before, as Zouaves dressed in the traditional red pantaloons and blue jackets of the colonial French Army clashed with Italian ex-patriots in their plumed hats. One Northern militia even wore the kilt.

Although regular troops on both sides were expected to conform to basic dress regulations, manpower soon outstripped supplies, especially cloth and dye, with the result that „Union blue“ could vary from a dark sand color to nearly black.

The Civil War also saw the introduction of many support units, each of which demanded its own distinctive uniform and insignia. In some instances officers on both sides adopted personalized uniforms which ten years earlier would have been regarded as outlandish.

This unique book provides a fascinating panorama of the uniforms and the men on both sides of this great conflict. The specially commissioned illustrations and authoritative text combine to make this an invaluable reference to this turbulent period in American history.


  • Titel: Combat Uniforms of the Civil War
  • Epoche: Amerikanischer Bürgerkrieg, 1861–1865
  • Typ: Uniformkunde
  • Autor: Mark Lloyd
  • Illustrator: Michael Codd
  • Format: 220-page book
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Verlag: Mallard Press, New York, NY
  • ISBN: 0-792-45075-2
  • Publiziert: 1990


  • Introduction
  • The Federal Army
    • Ulysses S. Grant
    • 5th New York Volunteers (Duryee Zouaves)
    • 9th New York Volunteers (Hawkins’ Zouaves)
    • 39th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment (Garibaldi Guard)
    • 79th New York (Highlanders)
    • U.S. Colored Infantry
    • Officer, U.S. Corps of Engineers
    • U.S. Sharpshooters
    • NCO,U.S. Cavalry
    • The Irish Brigade
    • Gunner, Union LightArtillery
    • U.S. Naval Officer
    • U.S. Marine Corps
    • U.S. Army Hospital Steward
    • The Indiana Regiment
    • U.S. Military Railroad Engineer
    • Union Army Staff Officers
    • Trooper, U.S. Volunteer Cavalry
    • The Pennsylvania Reserves
    • Gunner, Heavy Artillery
    • U.S. Signal Corps
    • The Iron Brigade of the West
    • Support Troops
    • The Prisoner of War
  • The Confederate Army
    • Robert E. Lee
    • The Louisiana Tigers
    • Confederate Infantry, 1862
    • 4th Alabama Regiment
    • The Confederate Irregular
    • The Confederate Engineer
    • The Confederate Butternut
    • The Virginia Cavalry
    • Hood’s Texas Brigade
    • Confederate State Artillery
    • The Confederate Navy
    • The Confederate Privateer and Blockade Runner
    • The Confederate Marines
    • Officer,Confederate Cavalry, 1863
    • Confederate Medical Services
    • Cadet, Virginia Military Institute
    • Trooper, Stuart’s Cavalry Corps
    • The Confederate General
    • Texas Volunteer Cavalry
    • South Carolina Regiment
    • North Carolina Volunteers
    • Officer, Confederate Artillery
    • Georgia Infantry
    • The Virginia Regiment
    • Confederate Cavalry, 1865
    • Communications and Supply Troops
  • Appendices
    • Division of the States
    • Main Campaigns of the Civil War
    • Railroads of the Confederate States
    • Map: First Battle of Bull Run
    • Map: Battle of Gettysburg
    • Badges of Rank

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