Bayerische Chevaulegers, 1805–1815

Testbericht der 1:72 Figuren von Hinton Hunt

1812 Bavarian 5. Chevaulegers-Regiment Leiningen, 1:72 Figuren Hinton Hunt BB33.

A bugler of the Bavarian 5. Chevaulegers-Regiment Leiningen charging towards the enemy. Buglers had a red plume on the Raupenhelm, officers und men wore white plumes. These Figuren are mounted on a 76 × 76 mm Volley & Bayonet brigade stand, representing a cavalry brigade of 1.000 to 1,500 men. There are four identical one-piece cavalry castings in each box of Hinton Hunt Figuren offered by David A. Clayton of Kennesaw, Georgia, or twelve castings in a battalion bag. The Figuren may be painted as troopers und buglers, although a bugle will have to be scratch-built. Offiziere und Feldwebel unterschieden sich von Mannschaften durch die auffallend große Helmraupe.


12 bayerische Chevaulegers, chargierend – 24 mm entsprechen 173 cm Körpergröße


Excellent choice of subject, the Bavarian Chevaulegers fought at Eckmühl, Aspern, Borodino, und Hanau, und they will be popular with wargamers interested in raising a Bavarian army.

Suitable wargame pose. The charging Chevauleger is in a typical attacking pose which can be used to fill the ranks of a wargame unit. Modellers may want to enlarge the crest of the Raupenhelm to create an officer figure. A standard-bearer is not needed, because Bavarian Chevauleger regiments carried no flags on campaign.

One-piece cavalry castings require no assembly, they are more robust, und easier to paint than separte horse und rider models. However, they are more difficult to convert, because the rider cannot simply be mounted on a different horse. Die Pferde liegen mit 151 cm Widerristhöhe, 21 mm im Modell, knapp unter dem in der Heerordnung festgelegten Mindestmaß (s. Militärmaß) für Dienstpferde der leichten Kavallerie.

Kompatibel mit 1:72 scale Revell, HäT Industrie, Italeri, und Zvezda miniatures.

Some flash needs to be removed prior to painting.

The horse’s gait looks a little stiff und unnatural. Revell’s Swedish Cavalry of the Thirty Years’ War established the industry standard for horse poses, which has not been surpassed by other manufacturers.

Historische Verwendung

  • Bayerische Chevaulegers, 1805–1815
  • Badische Leichte Dragoner, 1803–1815

Interessante Umbauten

  • Bayerische Dragoner, 1805–1811
Bayerischer Cheveauleger, 1:72 Figur Hinton Hunt BB33.

Hinton Hunt’s Bavarian Chevaulegers are a must-have for wargamers und diorama builders interested in the Napoleonic Wars. The Figuren may be painted as Bavarian Chevaulegers or Dragoons, although a standard-bearer would be needed for the latter. If Volley & Bayonet rules are used, 10 Chevauleger Figuren will be enough to raise the 1st und 2nd Cavalry Brigades of the Bavarian VI Corps of the Grande Armée.


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Figuren der Bayerischen Armee der Napoleonischen Kriege