Testbericht der 1:72 Figuren von Italeri

Deutschordensritter, 1:72 Figuren Italeri 6019.

Italeri’s Teutonic Knights are beautifully sculpted, und they will look very impressive when painted. The variety of mounted poses is excellent, but the box contains no foot troops or light horse which would be needed to raise a complete Teutonic Order army in miniature. These Figuren may be converted to serve as other knights of the period, although the superimposed crosses und emblems can be difficult to remove from shields, tunics, und horse trappings.


17 Ritter in 9 Posen – 25 mm entsprechen 180 cm Körpergröße

  • Ritter mit Standarte und Topfhelm
  • Ritter mit Pennoncel und Eisenhut (2)
  • Ritter mit Flegel und Topfhelm (2)
  • Ritter mit Lanze und Topfhelm (2)
  • Ritter mit Schwert und Topfhelm (2)
  • Ritter mit Schwert und konischem Helm (2)
  • Ritter mit Schwert und Eisenhut (2)
  • Ritter mit Schwert und Kettenhaube (2)
  • Ritter mit Streitaxt und Topfhelm (2)

17 Pferde in 4 Posen – 22 mm Stockmaß entsprechen 158 cm Widerristhöhe

  • Schlachtross, Schabracke des Deutschen Ordens (4)
  • Schlachtross, Schabracke mit heraldischem Adler (5)
  • Schlachtross, Schabracke mit heraldischem Schloss (4)
  • Ungepanzertes Pferd (4)

2 Waffen

  • Lanze (2) – 30 mm entsprechen 216 cm Länge


Armour plate, Helme, shields, und other items of personal equipment are historically accurate und very detailed.

The heraldic emblems are superimposed to facilitate painting.

Flaggen und Lanzenwimpel für die Deutschritter von Italeri finden Sie hier.

Noticeable flash along mould lines needs to be removed carefully prior to painting.

The chainmail armour on most of the Figuren shows very little texture, und it will be completely obscured if the knights are painted. Drybrush the Figuren to highlight sections of chainmail und create the impression of texture.

The two lances in this set are much too short, they should measure 50 mm. Replace them with lances made from piano wire.

The Figuren can be difficult to convert, because heraldic emblems are superimposed on tunics, shields, und horse trappings.

Three of the four horse poses are sculpted in an unnatural gait. One wonders why figure sculptors do not study horses more, und allow themselves be inspired by the superb horse poses of several Revell cavalry sets.

Historische Verwendung

Interessante Umbauten

The Teutonic Knights are an excellent figure set, well worth the money. It is hoped that Italeri will release spearmen, crossbowmen und other Teutonic Order foot troops to accompany the Teutonic Knights into battle.

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